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Thread: did you hear "WANNY'S" quote

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    "This will be the best Dolphins defense in the history of this franchise. I promise you that."

    I can see Wannstedt being fired 1/2 way through this season, what a stupid thing to say

    entire article:

    Wannstedt sets bar high for the defense

    By Alex Marvez
    Staff Writer
    Posted June 4 2004

    DAVIE -- Outstanding defense was the main reason the Dolphins reached three Super Bowls in the early 1970s and another in the early 1980s.

    But if Dave Wannstedt's prediction is correct, the No-Name Defense and Killer B's will rank behind the unit fielded by the 2004 Dolphins.

    During the team's annual kickoff banquet Wednesday night, Wannstedt made such a bold declaration by saying, "This will be the best Dolphins defense in the history of this franchise. I promise you that."

    Asked on Thursday to elaborate, Wannstedt smiled and said he made a "Jimmyism," which is a reference to the grandiose promises Jimmy Johnson made while coaching the Dolphins from 1996 to 1999. Wannstedt also was wrong in 2003 when claiming the Dolphins would lead the NFL in rushing during the second half of the season.

    But Wannstedt didn't retract his defensive expectations for the upcoming season.

    "I wouldn't say anything I wouldn't believe," Wannstedt said. "I'm going to always be optimistic, but I believe we're capable of being that. That's the standard I would put on these guys and the standard they would put on themselves."

    On that point, Wannstedt would get no argument.

    "I don't think anybody on defense was surprised because that's how we feel," defensive end David Bowens said.

    That means the Dolphins will have to make strides from last season, when the team ranked 10th in the NFL in average yards allowed (299.2) and third in points (16.3). One of the unit's biggest problems was missed tackles, especially on plays that covered 10 or more yards. According to statistics compiled by coaches, the Dolphins would have ranked second in yards allowed had the defense made those stops.

    "The biggest thing is improving our tackling and just going out there and having a nasty attitude like no one is going to score on us," said cornerback Patrick Surtain.

    Bowens believes some offseason tweaking of the defense, specifically the implementation of new blitz packages, will pay dividends for a unit known for often playing a straight 4-3 scheme.

    "We're going to be a lot more aggressive," Bowens said. "We're going to take away some of the predictability we had to other teams because they knew how to beat us, especially teams in our division."

    The 2003 Dolphins had the NFL's leading sack tandem in defensive ends Adewale Ogunleye (15) and Jason Taylor (13), as well as one of the top cornerback tandems in Surtain and Sam Madison.

    Ultimately, Wannstedt said he judges defensive success by points allowed. The 261 surrendered by the 2003 Dolphins was the franchise's second-lowest figure since 1990.

    "That's a tough standard to beat, but that's our goal," Wannstedt said.

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    i'm tellin you guys, every week its something new with this team,

    the man is a grade a a**hole, the day before he said Sage was outplaying his other 2 QB's in camp, how could someone set theirself up like this, no way he is back next year, no way

    BTW- its like Mcdonald's baby I'M LOVIN IT

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    Shouldn't he be working on the offense? Can't win if you can't score!


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