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Thread: Finally my 1000th post

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    Man, what beautiful countryside Bavaria is. The Alps, castles, jaegger schnitzel and all the hefe weisse beer you can drink.

    I like being able to go to a cafe at 10:30 in the am with a choice of deciding between coffee or beer, or both. The peer pressure is all on your side if you don't want to feel quilty about quaffing a beer before noon.

    Barton, you've been kicking some tail while I was gone, it was fun to read from afar. Keep up the good work.

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    Welcome home Jstokes, it's been another boring off season, but it seems you came back just in time. Training camp is only 28 days away and counting............

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    welcome back nice to have you back we need all the
    JETS fans to stay together!


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