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Thread: Another reason to like Chad

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    Pennington contract status still up in the air as Jets report to camp

    By ANDREA ADELSON, AP Sports Writer
    July 29, 2004
    HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (AP) -- Chad Pennington plans to make the first opening day start of his career in September -- with or without a new contract.

    Pennington's agent, Tom Condon, and the New York Jets are negotiating a new deal for the quarterback. But Pennington has told Condon if a deal isn't reached by Aug. 31, then talks will be shelved until the end of the season.

    ``I've made sure it won't be a distraction, that's why I've allowed them to discuss it through August but after that there are no discussions,'' Pennington said Thursday when the Jets reported for training camp. ``As far as I'm concerned, after today I'm not talking about it.''


    Pennington is going into the last year of a 5-year deal that will pay him a base salary of $4.57 million this season. He has no problems waiting until the end of the season to work out a deal, especially since that is the way Peyton Manning handled his contract situation with Indianapolis last year.

    Manning and Pennington have the same agent, who also represents Giants quarterback Eli Manning. Peyton Manning signed a 7-year deal worth $98 million, including a $34.5 million signing bonus in March, while his brother signed Thursday with the New York Giants and got a $20 million bonus as the No. 1 overall pick.

    A telephone call to Condon was not immediately returned.

    Though the Mannings got big deals, Pennington's situation is different. After being drafted No. 18 overall in 2000, he became a starter midway through the 2002 season. Then in the preseason last year, he broke his left wrist and missed six games.

    In all, he has 21 starts in four years, going 12-9. Pennington said would have no problems if the Jets put off talks to see what he could do for a full season.

    ``That's part of the business, proving yourself on the field,'' Pennington said. ``If that's what the Jets feel, if they feel like they need to see me operate under pressure throughout a whole season and not just a partial season, then I'll give them what they're looking for.''

    Pennington believes there is a 75 percent chance a deal will get done before the end of camp, but he would not discuss financial terms.

    ``I watched how Peyton Manning handled it last year, he handled it great and everything worked out well,'' Pennington said. ``That's kind of the pattern that I'm trying to model after. You have to look at some of the veterans above you and try to model what they do.''

    Coach Herman Edwards doesn't think the contract talk will affect Pennington.

    ``We've discussed it, I know where it's at, he knows where it's at,'' Edwards said. ``We're going to practice football.''

    The Jets start two-a-days Friday and though Pennington is back, the team will have a much different, younger look. Justin McCareins is a new target for Pennington, joining Santana Moss in the receiving corps. Helping them out will be veteran Wayne Chrebet, who is back after missing the last seven games of last season with postconcussion syndrome.

    Chrebet said he feels normal and will practice full speed during camp, but there is a concern he could get injured again.

    ``It's kind of a weird subject because nobody really knows,'' Chrebet said. ``It's not like you got your surgery and your rehab and you're fine now. We'll go out there like business as usual and see what happens.''

    After going 6-10 last season, Edwards brought in fresh faces, and changed some things in practice and around the team.

    But he insists he is the same person.

    ``If you expect me to start running around and start hollering and cussing and scolding players in the newspapers, I am not going to do that,'' Edwards said. ``I know exactly what I want to do and I know how it is going to be done. But I am not going to change who I am.''

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    So he's what, 3 games over 500 for his career???
    Big damm deal.
    When VT takes the cowboys to the super bowl I'll have the last laugh.
    BTW, will an opening day loss have jet fans screaming for edwards head?

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    hey neighsayer, good job considering the fact that winning is a team accomplishment, and that pennington is but one player. Even your negativity will acknowledge that the Jets defense SUCKED COMPLETE ASS over the past 2 years and that the receiving talent as well as the o-line was way way way under par.

    So your point is? Thats right......


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