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Thread: Is Anyone Else Nervous?

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    As good as Vilma is, and as good as Erik Coleman has looked so far this training camp, is anyone else a little uneasy with the fact that two players who have never played a down in the NFL are going to be starting at two key defensive positions? it seems to me that it would be more prudent for us to ease these two guys into the league, rather than throw them to the wolves like we did with D-Rob the Fat Slob last year? What happens when they make a mistake that costs the Jets the game, how will they handle it? These are just kids, you know. They don't have the psyche of a wily vet, they're emotionally vulnerable and mixed emotions have no place on the football field. Although we desperately needed speed at the SS and MLB position, is it totally necessary to throw all caution to the wind and have two rookies making the calls in a brand new complex scheme? I just hope Herm and Hendu know what they're doing, or else this is going to be a long long season.

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    Well, The defense is a concern especially after last season. Last year, we had all the experience in the world with Marvin Jones, Mo Lewis, Chester McGlockton, Aaron Beasley and company and what good did that do.

    We were a joke last year defensively. Last year our concern was age and speed, This year our concern is age, but not for being too old but for being too

    Vilma isn't going to start but He's going to play ALOT. They are going to play him on the inside, outside, inside in the 3-4 with Cowart and in every single nickel and dime package.

    Erik Coleman has really suprised people. In another one of those, Herm never plays rookies or young player deals. Reggie Tongue is sitting and Coleman is starting. I am worried about him. No Mickens and I am worry about Strait and whomever our 4th corner is on opening day, It could be Roderick Bryant. Cincy has a very good offense. Terrific offensive line with Willie Anderson, Levi Jones and Eric Steinbach, two good backs in Rudi Johnson and Chris Perry and three good wideouts in Chad Johnson, Peter Warrick and Kelley Washington(remember him?).

    So this is going to be a challenge for our defense.

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    After last year's showing on Defense, I wouldn't mind if they started 9 rookies, Ellis and Abraham.

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    Originally posted by TomShane@Sep 4 2004, 02:53 AM
    After last year's showing on Defense, I wouldn't mind if they started 9 rookies, Ellis and Abraham.
    Have to agree. From all indications we have 2 play makers there. Looks like Herm will start our best 22


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