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Thread: best place to watch game in DC

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    all redskins all the time in this town. any jet fans down here?

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    Address: South Charles Street, Federal Hill, Baltimore, MD 21230
    Phone: None Provided

    Why Go Here? Broadcasts all NFL games each Sunday. Has booths where you and all friends can sit and enjoy the games. Plenty of seating, and good cheap eats. Buckets of domestic beer (5) - $8. half price wings and half price burgers make for a heck of a Sunday afternoon. Place where many different fans come. Ton of trash talking. Big Jets contingency.
    Submitted by: PIP

    Chatter's Rock’n Sports Cafe
    Address: 8300 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814
    Phone: (301) 656-2151

    Why Go Here? This place is in a hotel, so it gets a good mix of people. It shows all NFL games, and there are always several diehard Jets fans on Sundays. Food is average, but there are a lot of large screens.
    Submitted by: Michael Gips

    College Park
    Cornerstone Loft and Grill
    Address: Baltimore Avenue, College Park MD 20740
    Phone: None Provided

    Why Go Here? Only place in College Park to watch all NFL games on Sunday. Three big screen TVs plus over 20 smaller ones (all with satellite). Always a strong showing of Jets fans. Jets fans have consistently been the rowdiest for past several seasons and its easy to talk smack to lowly the Redskins fans. The food is pretty good with specials on hamburgers and hot dogs. Get there early because it gets crowded for the 4 o'clock games.
    Submitted by: Hayden Bluth

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    When I lived in Chevy Chase ('96-'98) I went to a bar on WIsconsin Ave., don't ask me exactly where it was, but I thik it was attached to a Radisson or Marriott but accesable from the street, its RIGHT ON WIsconsin. Good place, and always a few Jets fans.

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    I live in Southern MD and can feel you pain. If you are in DC however the best place to go would probably be the ESPN SportsZone in downtown. It is right next to the metro center exit so you dont have to worry about parking and everygame is broadcast. The beers are a bit pricey but you do get to see all the game. You should do what I did, buy a projector unit and get the NFL package. Bring the Jets home in life size picture format.

    Good luck - F the Skins


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