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Thread: Jets Vs Bengals Game Preview

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    Cincinnati at. New York

    Game Time: 1PM ET/10AM PT
    Location: Giants Stadium

    Overview: Cincinnati Bengals coming off a surprise 8-8 season will see if they can get to the playoffs for the 1st time since 1990. They are going to throw their number 1 pick from last year in there at QB after John Kitna having his best year of his career. New York Jets coming off a season which saw a 6-10 record. Part of the reason they were so bad was because they were with out star QB Chad Pennington who only played half the season. Both teams went through a lot this offseason and we should see an excellent game.

    Key Matchup:


    Santana Moss vs. Tory James

    Since Santana Moss will be Pennington's main target expect our best CB which is Tory James should be sticking to Moss most of the game. I am expecting that James will do an excellent job on him and that leaves Jets WR Justin McCarriens as the open receiver since Deltha O'Neal will be on him. I don't think that Pennington will feel comfortable throwing to McCarriens just yet because this is his 1st year as a Jet and McCarriens probably isn't used to taking passes from Pennington.

    Keys To Game
    1. Play good defense
    2. run the ball
    3. test the Jets weak corners with Palmer throwing to Johnson and Warrick

    1. Pennington to Moss simple as that
    2. Since the Bengals have weak special teams they are going to have to play extra good on defense so it forces the Bengals to have to punt or kick.
    3. Test the Bengals new CB's, they should be weak with the exception of Tory James.

    Player to watch for

    1. Carson Palmer- Is he going to be able to take the pressure... You may end up seeing Kitna by the end of the game if Palmer doesn't do well.
    2. Nate Webster- Had a great preseaon and people are already calling him the next Ray Lewis, expect to see a lot of tacles and big stops out of him on Sunday.
    3. Rudi Johnson- Now with the departure of Corey Dillon, Rudi Johnson is going to have to come in and fill some big shoes left by Dillon. With Dillon injured of most season, Rudi came in and shined having close to 1000 yards rushing in 8 games.

    1. Chad Pennington- Injured almost all of last year, Chad is predicted to have a huge year. Expect to see in the future a lot of "Pennington to Moss" combo.
    2. Curtis Martin- Everyone thinks the guy is washed up but personally I think he is going to have a huge season rushing for atleast 1200 yards. He will have a big game this Sunday against the Bengals weak defense.
    3. DeWayne Robertson- Big defensive lineman out of the U of K has a great future ahead of him but I don't see him having a big game against the Bengals Sunday, our offensive lineman is very strong and should be able to shut him down.

    Bengals-24 Jets-27

    Will be a great gam that will come down to the wire with a game winning feild goal by Jets kicker Doug Brien.

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    Good article but for some reason I see McCareins having a bigger impact than Santana. I think Moss may draw the coverage letting Justin wreak havoc... but just my .02

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    the MLB is small and has not had a great impact at all. The OLINE is a bit dinged and not as powerful due to that fact! He screwed himself by saying that CURTIS will have a big day against a weak defense. He is right but I expect to see MOSS eat their CB alive! I do not know where this guy gets his info but he is wrong! Jets 21 to 10!

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    with a combination of moss, mccareins and chrebet/cotchery we should see pennington have a big day. and in two TE sets with martin receiving out of the back field, or his he running? that's gonna be the bengals defense's dilemna. once chad gets the play-action going he's gonna light their defense up!


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