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Thread: Can we turn our attention to next week?

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    My God!!! This is insane. I am happy to get out of Miami with a win and move on. This was a rivalry game, you can throw stats and all that garbage out the window when these teams play. The bottom line is that they are 3-0 and have not played all that well. They are winning the games they have to win. I'd rather they look bad and win than look good and lose.

    Am I concerned? No not really. But it's early in the season. Wasn't the concern of the pessimists on the board that Herm sucks because he can't win games in September? Now the Jets are winning and suddenly Chad sucks..something people just figued out yesterday apparently because looking back at the posts over the last few weeks I don't see many posts knocking him.

    I am looking ahead to the Bills game and hopefuilly we can open it up a bit more...enough to win the game.

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    ...lets just keep taking care of business this week & next...

    ...i was glad to see the d step it up a notch ... the miami o came by at a good time for us to have on off game on the offensive side of the ball...

    ...i'll take these victories all season long ... glad the next game's at home ... these are the type of victories that will come into play huge for us at the end of the year ... whether it is fighting for home field either in 1 round or several ... or even if it is just a matter of fighting for our lives to make it into the playoffs ... we've taken 3 chips & put them in our pocket ... lets take care of buff & san fran at home and up that ante to 5...

    ...the rest we deal with down the road...


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    if the jets can win the next 2 and go 5 - 0 the SB run begins in NE...if they beat em theyll be catapulted...

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    Good post Rocky. I am glad to see that someone in this board can move ahead to next week instead of beating a dead horse for the next 7 days. You would think that we lost this week. NO IT WASN'T PRETTY!! But still a Win!

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