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Thread: Santana Moss on WFAN

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    Heard Moss on the FAN. He was asked why the Jets played so conservatively. He claimed there was always a defender on or near him. I'd like to think the Jets (particularly Hackett) should be able to figure out how to get their WR's open every once in a while, despite the scheme the defense is playing. I'm not talking about throwing 50 yard bombs, just some intermediate passes to open things up a little.

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    i agree,, i'd like to see all the WR get more passes....all the short s**t to sowell and martin are gettin annoying . i know it works but dam it throw it to a WR too

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    Amen brother!

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    if moss is saying the truth, and likely is, McCareins needs to get open. I doubt they double teamed both moss and mccareins, if so, why the hell didn't we use a 4 WR set more often?


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