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    Jets pick sleeper
    in Coleman


    The Jets aren't known for uncovering late-round gems, but they found one in free safety Erik Coleman, a fifth-round choice (143rd overall) who was named NFL Defensive Rookie of the Month for September.

    Some might call it luck, finding an immediate starter so late in the draft, but it actually was the confluence of hard work, keen eyes and a healthy debate. And some luck, too.

    GM Terry Bradway will get the credit for Coleman - ultimately, he pulled the trigger - but this was more than a one-man show. As Bradway acknowledged, "When you get to the fifth round, it's on the scouts."

    A breakdown of the scouting/drafting of Coleman, which began one year ago:

    The hard work: By draft day, the Jets had five scouting reports at their fingertips, written by scouts Jeff Bauer, Joe Bommarito and Joey Clinkscales and assistant coaches Corwin Brown and Doug Graber, who no longer works for the team.

    They also compiled four game tapes from Coleman's senior year at Washington State, where he made seven interceptions in 2003.

    Despite his productivity, Coleman wasn't highly regarded because of his modest size (5-10-1/2, 200) and less-than-stellar speed (4.59).

    At the scouting combine last February in Indianapolis, only one team - the Dolphins - requested a formal interview with Coleman.

    "All my friends were busy, going from one interview to another, and I had nothing to do," Coleman recalled.

    Despite an upbeat conversation with Graber, Coleman didn't think the Jets were too interested. He was wrong.

    The keen eyes: They rarely get the glory, but perceptive scouts are the backbone of every successful draft. From the beginning, Bauer and Bommarito were Coleman's biggest supporters in the organization.

    Last fall, Bommarito scouted Coleman three times in person - one game (against New Mexico) and two practices. He fell in love with Coleman's intangibles - his smarts, toughness and nose for the ball.

    Bauer scouted Coleman at the Hula Bowl, where he led his team in tackles. Both scouts filed glowing reports to Bradway, who recalled the pre-draft buzz on Coleman: "A tough, competitive player. Makes plays. Good football savvy. Can play strong safety, free safety, cornerback. Will upgrade the secondary. Undersized. Could add more strength."

    The debate: On the Jets' draft board, Coleman was rated as a fourth/fifth rounder. When their fifth-round pick came up, five other players also were under consideration: T Marko Cavka, WR P.K. Sam, C Drew Caylor, LB Colby Bockwoldt and LB Darrell McClover. Some in the draft room pushed for Cavka. Bommarito and Bauer lobbied hard for Coleman.

    "I got to be the mediator," said Bradway, who cast the deciding vote for Coleman.

    As it turned out, the Jets picked Cavka and McClover in later rounds. Caylor, chosen by the Steelers, was recently signed by the Jets.

    Luck: On the second day of training camp, veteran S Reggie Tongue pulled a calf muscle. If he doesn't get hurt, who knows if Coleman gets a shot? In three games, Coleman hasn't missed a play and leads the team with two interceptions.

    "This," Bradway said of the Coleman discovery, "is the combination of a lot of good things."

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    interesting that they wound up with 4 of teh guys they were looking at in the 5th

    now we now why they signed that center from pitt too

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    Interesting story.............This would not have been had Coleman ended up being another Pagel. But he has been truly great, therefore, interesting story.

    I have been thinking if they can keep the players they have in tact over this offseason and have another one of these drafts, the Jets would definitely be looking at going to the big game. As it is right now, I think they have as good a chance as any.

    It is always great to find such a steal, but I somehow doubt this will happen again...............

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    Ironically, I remember people really wanting P.K. Sam when he was available in the later rounds.

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    The scouts on pro sports teams are usually faceless and nameless. They never get the credit. So it's nice to see them get mentioned.

    When a GM drafts a player that turns out to be a bust. He gets all the blame. When a GM drafts a player that turns out to be great. He gets all the credit.

    Most times, General Manager's are taking the advice of all their scouts. The scouts do all the leg work. While we as fans are waiting for sundays matchup with Buffalo.

    The scouts are all over the country this weekend watching college football games and spending all week watching college game films.

    Interesting that everybody wanted Jason Shivers instead of Erik Coleman. Shivers was recently released by The Rams. Wonder if The Jets scouting department even liked him.

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    As we all know, the draft is often a crapshoot. Coleman has been an amazing find. Good to see B & B get the credit deserved.

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    Originally posted by LesterLyles@Oct 6 2004, 08:09 AM
    Ironically, I remember people really wanting P.K. Sam when he was available in the later rounds.
    there was too much (potential) talent in the later rounds

    PK Sam was projected as a 3rd rd pick...i remember some people had rashad washington going in the 4th


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