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    Groh-ing pains over

    Jets' Insider


    Yes, Virginia, Gang Green is glad Al Groh is gone. The current Cavaliers coach couldn't build on the Jets' only other 4-0 start.

    The Jets' 4-0 start has cast attention on a not-long-ago era they would rather expunge from the history book - the 2000 season, led by Al (One-and-Done) Groh. To paraphrase a noted politician, he was the wrong coach for the wrong team at the wrong time.
    Groh never was embraced by his players, but they managed to overcome the acrimony to win their first four games - the only other 4-0 start in the club's 45-year history. Now, with the team on the verge of establishing a new standard, it's only natural to make then-and-now comparisons.

    Good luck trying to find a player who acknowledges any parallel aside from the records.

    "That was completely different than now," said C Kevin Mawae, one of Groh's most vocal critics. "A lot happened during that year, and I'm not going to go into it. The confidence on this team is different. The character of this team is a lot different than the 2000 team."

    How so?

    "I was in the locker room in 2000, and I know what the atmosphere was around here," Mawae said. "It's a different atmosphere. I'll leave it at that, because I'd be going somewhere I don't need to be going."

    The season ended bitterly, with the Jets choking in December and missing the playoffs at 9-7. A week later, Groh quit, taking the head job at his alma mater, Virginia, currently ranked No.6 in the country. Out of the Groh chaos came Herman Edwards.

    The Jets have 11 holdovers from the wreck of 2000, including Chad Pennington, who watched from the bench as Vinny Testaverde played a rollercoaster season that included four fourth-quarter comebacks and (cover your eyes) 25 interceptions. "That year is such a blur right now, but at least we have guys here from that season who know how quickly it can change," Pennington said. "Things can turn if you don't handle it right."

    The 2000 Jets didn't handle it right.

    "What I learned from that season is, September and October put you in position for your goal, but November and December are when you achieve the goal," said CB Ray Mickens, currently on injured reserve. "We were feeling too good about ourselves and we didn't finish it off."

    The Jets might not want to read this, but there are some quirky similarities between the two 4-0 starts:

    Cumulative margin of victory: In 2000, 22 points. In 2004, 23.

    In 2000, the Jets won the fourth game by scoring with 52seconds left in the fourth quarter. On Sunday, they scored the winning points with 58 seconds remaining.

    In 2000, Wayne Chrebet was the hero in the fourth win, beating the Bucs with a TD catch in the final minute. On Sunday, Chrebet was a catalyst, making eight catches to beat the Bills, his best game in three years.

    Both coaches used motivational props. Groh, spoofing ex-Jet Keyshawn Johnson's infamous "flashlight" quote about Chrebet, distributed flashlights to the players. Edwards printed "4-0" cards last week and offered them to the team.

    In 2000, the Jets improved to 6-1 by beating the Dolphins in one of the most famous Monday night games in history. In two weeks, the Jets face the Dolphins. On Monday night. In their seventh game.
    The Jets had better hope the similarities end there.


    Cimini forgot to mention that NY's fifth opponent that year (Pittsburg) came into Giants stadium with one win (I believe). They beat the Jets 20-3. This fifth game is an important one for the Jets franchise.

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    I remember the 2000 Jets all too well. Al Groh was an A**. He had the personality of sandpaper :unsure:

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    I love when they try to find similarities.

    Here are some more:

    - Both 2000 and 2004 teams play offense AND defense
    - They both wear green
    - They both have a kicker
    - They both need to win the game by putting more points on the scoreboard than the opponent.

    Wow. It is almost the EXACT SAME TEAM!


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    yeah but if we win Sunday we go 5-0 and have nothing in common with that team!!!

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    just watched nfl films of that season the mnf games the JETS 2 of the best T.B and Miami.

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    Originally posted by joeysjets@Oct 14 2004, 07:43 AM
    just watched nfl films of that season the mnf games the JETS 2 of the best T.B and Miami.
    Some more strange similarities.

    - Aside from playing Miami Monday night in thir 7th game, very strangely enough the Jets 6th game was at NE and theit 8th game was at Buffalo...the exact same pattern as this year.

    - The last 4-0 start was an election year.


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