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    What is the difference between a one technique and a three technique DT?


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    the number basically indicates where he's lined up, though that also dictates responsibilities - the "three technique" DT lines up on the outside shoulder of one of the guards in the gap numbered 3. the one technique would be a NT that's in the center-guard gap (the zero technique has the NT lined up directly on the center). some teams number up to 9, outside the TE, where an OLB could play the nine technique, etc.

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    A three technique DT is also a playing style such as a "move tight end" or a "possesion recevier". Three technique linemen were actually developed by Pete Carroll when he was coaching Dennis Byrd.

    A 3-tech lineman is one that usually is quick as a cat off the snap and has the ability to keep his pads low to the ground and get great leverage (underneath) blockers. He also must be able to move laterally with speed, something easier said then done when you are talking about 280-300 pound men. More times then not they are usually undersized.

    James Reed is the perfect example of a three technique lineman.

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    oooo realy


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