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Thread: The Refs Today

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    It's no excuse. A good team still wins this game...BUT

    I have never had my tv so close to complete destruction as it was dURING the first half. My dad was a gambler in the day and was convinced the NFL played favorites to drive storylines, therby increasing tv ratings. BIG BUISNESS, he called it. I thought that was crazy talk. And today, I started thinking that wasn't so crazy.

    Best I can tell, Buckley couldn't play defense even if he was going for the ball; Becht, POS that he is, still hasn't held on that Jordan run and the Heinz Field timekeeper seemd to have the clock going double time(which doesn't excuse the Jets' slow pace).


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    I am surpised nobody as replied to this post. Im not saying the Jets lost because of the refs, but momentum was changed as a result. The Jets wouldve scored a TD if Lamonts run hadnt been called back, and I really wonder if the Jets D wouldve played as loose in the 2nd half if it werent for the holding/PI calls in the first half.

    I almost got thrown out of a bar I was so mad and I am not one to blame games on refs. But the first half was a joke and it makes one wonder how one of the best teams in regards to penalties racks up that many in the firt half, and the Steelers come out of it virtually untouched. Sure, youy can make an argument thsoe calls were legit, but youre telling me the Steelers werent doing any similar?

    Pure, horesh*t.

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    The officiating was ridiculous today. 12 penalties in the first half, what a load of B.S. Some of those were reasonable but on the other hand, some of those were very shady hometown calls. The steelers didn't get called for anything. It seems that week after week the refs bend us over.

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    You wanna know what pisses me off even more than this game being officiated as if the fix was in?

    The fact that we have an HC who never, ever, ever, ever, ever gets in an officials face and unloads on that SOB

    It made me sick to my stomach to watch my team get flatout hosed for the entire first half ... bad call after bad call ... twice pulling the Jets out of FG Range .... and to have my HC stand on the sidelines with his thumb up his @$$ while all of this was going on

    Man, I kid you not ... I would have approached that official with blood in my eyes if that were me ... blood in my eyes ... like a raving lunatic who was THIS CLOSE to committing homicide


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