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Thread: No Complaints!

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    The Jets came out and Scored 37 points on the Seahawks today. I cannot complain! Everyone was calling for the offense to get their crap together and start putting points on the board. Well guess what? They showed up, and in a big way.

    -As much as I don't like him, Paul Hackett got creative and opened up the offense

    -Chad bounced back from a bad game and had an awesome day.

    -LaMont Jordan was used a lot more, and was an intergal part of the offense.

    -Santana Moss had a big day and had a fire under his ass.

    -The o-line didn't allow a sack for the second straight week.

    So I don't want to hear that it was "just the Seahawks" or "wait till next week." The fact of the matter is the Jets were called out by everyone (even myself) to kick it into high gear, and they pulled through. They had their biggest offensive day oft he season, and beat a team with a winning record (well, they don't anymore! ). Enjoy the victory guys, and let's get ready for the Pats next week!

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    why i do agree with you if we pull up lame against the pats next week all everyone is going to say is what happaned to last week against seattle


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