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Thread: What If?

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    Hey all. I'm seeing all these post on the Internet and cannot get a clear answer. Living in SoCal and not hearing the local New York Radio Stations I can't get a clear answer on the playoff scenario. I would appreciate a answer to this question as I have been offered a chance to buy tickets to the first San Diego Playoff game. I went to Jet- Charger game this year and I know my good luck will bring us another victory if the Jets head there again.

    So the question is:

    If the Jets, Bills and Jaguars all end up 10-6 who goes to the playoffs and what seeds will be allocated.

    I'm not worried about our tie breakers with the Ravens and Broncos as I believe both will lose 7 games.

    Thanks for the help!


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    In that scenario, the first tiebreaker is to break ties within the division. The Jets would miss out because Buffalo wins the tiebreaker against the Jets (I think better divisional record). It's all academaic though after the jets win Sunday.


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