Unless something absolutely stunning happens, and the Jets make that "long playoff run" despite their obvious flaws, I propose a two-part question: (1) How will you remember '04? and (2) What do you want most for '05? Let's assume the Jets beat the Rams (somehow) in St. Louis and then get whacked in the first round, say, 36-21 vs. Indy.

How I will remember '04
I will remember this team as over-acheivers. I will remember them as being vastly improved, with alot of the types of players on defense that we've never had in green before-- fast, pissed off and mean. I will remember Donnie Henderson as being a great, pleasant surprise, and I will remember Dewayne Robertson as showing some real signs, and I will remember Terry Bradway's labors finally showing some fruit.

For 05 I want:

Herman gone. I know, I know. He's 10-5, and has a chance to be 11-5 and into the playoffs, but I, personally, cannot stand his soft-shoe act, the lack of accountability on the offensive side of the ball, the mental weakness of the offense, and his constant inability to take charge of his team. F*ck the ridiculous least-penalized team bull****--this team plays like eunuchs in big spots. Blame Hackett-hole all you want, but it ultimately crashes down on Herm's head. Two coordinators in two years gone without replacing the head coach? What, exactly is the HC doing, exactly? Yes, Herman has shown signs of improvement, but what does it say about a coach that his biggest area of improvement was in NOT getting involved in the defense and f*cking it up? I don't believe you can fire Herman, no. But what I want to see happen is for the University of Texas to fire Mack Brown and for them to come knocking on Herman's door--something to that effect. Offer him a deal, a la Al Groh, that he can't turn down, and let Herm have his weepy news conference saying Good-bye, and then we go and get Shanahan or Kubiak to come coach this team. Say what you will about Shanahan's record without Elway, all I'll say to that is, how many games would ol' Herm win with Brian Griese and/or Jake Plummer?