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Thread: Let's go Sor-gi! <clap clap clapclapclap>

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    OK, so the good news is that the Rams looked bad last night against Philly. The bad news is that they won.

    Martz, right now, is cooking up a hard-core, do or die gameplan that is going to spread the Jets out and will get Kevin Curtis, Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt one-on-one all over the field with over-matched Jet DB&#39;s and Reggie Tongue and Erik Coleman in support. I don&#39;t know about you, but the thought of Donnie Abe mano-a-mano on Isaac Bruce causes me to puke. And, as well as Barrett has been playing, he has not had to lock up a receiver in the class of Holt all year, except for Chad Johnson, and we all saw how that went. So, I&#39;m not betting the house on Hackett out-scoring Martz at all. Mike Vick will be starting against the Seahawks in Seattle at 4, so the Rams have a really good chance, if they win, of getting the division. The Jets will need 24 points in this game, and I don&#39;t think they&#39;ll get it, IMO, especially is Chad is hurt. The Jets are built to pound it out in the snow, not run track in the Dome.

    I don&#39;t foresee any way in which the Steelers are going to score points on the Bills with Tommy Maddox and whatever third string RB Cowher throws out there. Pat Williams and Sam Adams aren&#39;t going to be pushed out of the way at this point, and especially if Hines Ward only plays a quarter, there is absolutely no way Maddox is doing dick against that D. The only hope here is that Bledsoe short-circuits in a big game and throws three picks. However, that&#39;s asking for alot, as Mularkey has basically taken Bledsoe out of decision-making mode, and now all he has to do is throw it to spots, which he does well. The game is in Buffalo at one o&#39;clock, so.......

    At 4 o&#39;clock we could be sitting there counting on Jim Sorgi to save our season. The Colts visit Denver, where it&#39;s will be about 34 degrees and RAINING. A dome team, in the cold rain against a prolific rush offense. Manning and James won&#39;t see the field, I believe, so Plummer is really going to have to work hard to screw this one up. Also, if Buffalo wins and the Jets lose, the Broncos will already know about it, and that defense will be out for blood. I don&#39;t like the match-up of Jim Sorgi against Al Wilson, John Lynch and Champ Bailey. However, this might very well be what it takes to stay in the playoffs.

    P.S. For those who are unaware of who Jim Sorgi is, he was the guy who backed up our very own Brooks Bollinger. Yes, I said "backed up Brooks Bollinger."


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    Manning said last night they plan on playing the regulars and winning 13 games for Dungy.

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    CUT THAT MEAT&#33;

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    If Dungy allows the Colts to win this game, he should be fined &#036;50K.

    The Colts aren&#39;t counting on the Jets imploding against the Rams as the rest of this message board is. The Colts are expecting that Herman, as a 2nd tier coach with a 2nd tier team, will pull out a win here. Just as he did in the 2001 finale against Oakland. Just as he in the 2002 finale against Green Bay.

    So, the Colts are essentially playing to hand pick who obtain the #6 seed and face them in the playoffs. Will it be the Bills who are arguably the hottest team in football? Or will it be the Broncos who are shaky at best, are a particularly weak matchup against the Colts O, and got mauled by the very same Colts in the playoffs last year? Even more, as if the Colts had any difficulty in making a decision, how about the opportunity to move up a few spots in the draft as a sweetener?

    You can root for the heroics of Jim Sorgi. I&#39;m rooting for Tony Dungy&#39;s integrity.

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    Only a couple of points to make on this:

    You are correct this is the best offense and especially WR&#39;s we have faced all year. They also have a unbelievable record at home.

    I can&#39;t wait to see how those who bashed Al Groh but support HErm spin this one.


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