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Thread: For those Superstitious....

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    I am not Superstitious, but for those who are:

    I have an injured back that I have been going for chiropractic treatment for just over a year now. I was told to start Physical Therapy on my back, and so I went to the same PT who treated me for a bad shoulder back in the late 90's.

    He happens to be a Jets fan. So when we were reviewing my records...It was determined that I started the final stage of Rehab after my shoulder surgury was the 1998 season. So my PT's thought was that is an omen.

    Man i hope he is right. Cause my shoulder hasn't bothered me since...maybe he can fix my back and we can enjoy a Super Bowl as well.

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    dude DO NOT GO TO A CHIROPRACTER,trust someone who sent for 2 years to one ,then i completly blew my back out to the point of surgery,this happened to me this september, i was then bedridden for 10 weeks,find a great physical therapist and LISTEN TO WHAT HE SAYS and you will be fine,i blame that chiropracter for my problems,and he was very highly recommended, i haven't felt this good in 2 years and i owe it all to me PT


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