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    erik, this guy is makin plays for us every gamee ... you see him late alot on deep plays but hes jus playin his position and is gettin better. im tellin you he is gunna be great.. i guarantee along wit vilma we will all love these 2 rookies in the years to come there only rookies n look at erik divin infront of the chargers wr to deflect the ball up causin the int to reggie tounge.. that pick he made against st lou on the 1 yrd line .. the game ending pick against cincy.. this guy is soo clutch n is only gunna get better.. i read his diary everyday on the jets website hes just sucha good kid ..i hope he doesnt get unoticed like victor green did for all those years.. erik colemen for co rookie of the yr along with vilma .. good drafting baby ...another week of hope lets go NY

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    He's a great story and Doing EXCELLENT for a Rook but in the Offseason he needs to work on his cover skills...JMO

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    Gotta agree with FlaJet. Coleman tends to get over in coverage a little bit late too often. He had a terrible game against the Rams, despite an interception, and he was a big reason behind the McCardell touchdown last night. But, for a 5th round pick that boggled most people's minds (What did Jason Shivers do this year???), Coleman has exceeded expectations ten-fold.


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