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Thread: Mike and the mad dog

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    A few days before the game Mike and the Mad dog both picked the chagers to win. Then a guy called up and said they will eat crow and the Jets will win. I wonder how that crow tastes?

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    I am sure they are dreaming up a way to spin it now. They will just come down very hard on the Chargers and Eric Barton giving little to no credit to the Jets players. They are dick's. Fatcessa and adnoids are just awful, I stopped listening to them when the jets stopped kissing their asses and they responded like babies.

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    Knowing those two guys and the way they operate they wont even give the Jets credit. They'll just talk about the coaching gaffs and how Diego "gave" the game to the Jets.

    Thats typical Mike and the mad dog, especially Russo.

    Russo has killed the Jets defense all year. I wonder what he thought of that goalline stand at the end.

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    Both thought the Jets would play tough and have a shot to win. Francesa said he thought they would lose by 3. I dont think there is much crow to eat over this one. Everyone else in the media gave us no shot and they have to eat major crow.

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    Ill give Franny his due, gave the Jets credit and said they deserved to win. Said this was a huge win for the franchise.

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    im listening to him right now. the fairer, more objective one of the 2. russo is a true bozo


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