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Thread: The Jets talent is not perceived very well

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    This was a quote from Marv Levy:

    Between the two Saturday games, the Jets' win was more surprising. Despite their tendencies, the Rams are as strong from a personnel standpoint as any team in the league. I can't say the same for the Jets. Everything seemed to be in San Diego's favor, but the Jets still eked it out. In today's NFL, there's a tiny bit of difference between almost any two teams. By the time you get in the playoffs, you can't correctly predict anything.

    generally speaking, the reason we are ever a "hot" pick in the preseason or given much props is b/c many people (media and other GMs/coaches) think we have middle of the road talent. Obviously, people here think differently (that is the only way i can justify the incessant coach bashing). Its interesting to se the differnence in opiion.

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    F**k Levy. He lost 4 SB's in a row and obviously has no clue what it takes to win a Championship. He's an a$$.


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