ok i was bored last night and awake so i watched the SD game again. With the exception of Vilmas sack we got no pressure on the QB. it was really pathetic. Breez seemed to have all day to throw and for some reason he was rushing all his passes. some of you people want to just let John Abraham go... Thats just stupid. our D line isnt very good without him. im sorry, but thats the way i feel. we should be getting more pressure on the QB i dont know why were not. after all we still have 3 1st round picks in our D line. :unsure: are San Diego's Oline filled with gods? i think not. the fact is Abe is our only DE that can create pressure on his own... its really a shame hes still hurt.

Pittsburgh has a really good Oline so dont look for Big Ben to be pressured too much.

what i want to see

1. Blitz early and often. gotta pressure him and our current front 4 cant do that
2. our DB's play great... screw Buckley play Strait
3. Santana Moss needs the ball alot more than hes been getting it
4. containment of fatty aka bettis and staley
5. the jets have a kill them all attitude but not in a stupid way like Barton on 4th down. god that was dumb