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Thread: No OFFEnsive TD's = No VICTORY

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    This is very simple. If your offense cant score a touchdown, you arent going to win most games. This is especially true against teams that are 15-1.
    Congrats to the Jets defense , who performed fabulously (even without our best player). Hendo is a GREAT coach. Congrats to Westhoff & the special teams who were in fact "special", both on offense & defense.
    But here is the bottom line. No offensive scores, no ballgame. We have the number #1 runner in the league. We have good WR's. They are not dropping passes. Chad is one of the leagues' best QB's. What the problem with the "O"? PAUL HACKett simply sucks at his job. Until our team accepts this, we will NEVER be an elite team. Sorry to be so blunt & honest with all of you..

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    the rest of the replies here got erased. Sorry.


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