in the biggest game ofthe year and after all that was done last week it is a shame that we loose this game on the one thing we have been crtizing all year.

THE PLAY CALLING!!!!!!!!&#3 3;!!!!!!!!!&#3 3;!!!!!!!!!&#3 3;!!!!!!!!!&#3 3;!!!

you got to admit the numbers were not stagering and not brilliant but all and all we were in this game to the end and had this game won.

and while yes brien did miss two field goals i can not put the blame on him.

i put the blame on two things and two things only..........

1) why was lamont not in that game for the final 2 minutes of regulation and in overtime

2) why did we not call a timeout (we had 3) and try to work the ground game(with lamont) and get that field goal try closer for brien in the end of regulation

plain and simple these are the two main things that hurt us. yes the offense was spotty and not as productive as last week but in the broad sense we must realize this was the steelers and not the chargers we were playing. and we knew it was going to be smash mouth football in the end.


1) why in the steelers last drive, when everyone and their mother knew they were gonna run the ball, did we not bring more men in the box???? you watch every play in that drive and you will see we were keeping our LB's back sometimes four or five yards off the lone of scrimmage. why were they not playing up to stop the run??????