Was watching MSG this morning and they had good Jets coverage with players' comments after the game-- on the field and in the locker room. Catch it if you can next time they repeat it. Here's some I caught:

Herm's first comment in the PC and he was obviously pissed off about the game, but this one was kind of funny:
“There are no injuries to report, because we’re done”

“This is tough…2 opportunities…it’s a shame, we had this but….I had faith in both kicks….it’s a shame…” Becht
Yea Becht, it's a shame you got that holding penalty too.

“We should be playing next week but we’re not….(reporter asks if the Jets let it slip away) Yea, I feel like that again, yea” Ellis

“not going to put it all on Brien….(had the offense scored) it wouldn’t have come down to that” Kendall

“would have liked to get closer (for the FG’s) …wish we could have done that….unable to make big plays down field” Pennington

Pennington also had a long philosophical comment at the PC but I tuned it out.

Also, watching ESPN they were commenting very negatively on Pennington laughing it up with Roethlisberger on the field after the game. I noticed this also when the game ended, but tried to shrug it off.....but really it did annoy me. Pennington hasn't been around long enough to appreciate what Jets fans have put up with all these years. What do you think about Pennington's action?