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Thread: Hey, remember this guy???

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    Jerald Sowell, he was on his way to a pro bowl and simply vanished in the second half of the season and in the playoffs and its not like Askew came in and took his snaps, was it a lack of using him or was it because he was overused and teams eliminated him from being effective, truthfully i didnt see many plays designed for him since he had that huge game against Seattle, actually his numbers went down this year as a whole and although he will be 31 in a few days (1/21/74) I'm not sure if he'll be back next year at all, I'm shocked because the Fb used to be a big part of this offense

    the BJ Askew era may begin

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    i welcome the change.

    in limited snaps BJ Askew has BLOWN people up, shown a great outside burst, and some decent hands.

    the guy may even get ham to quit calling him a wasted roster spot.

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    Sowell wasn't used at all when Pennington was out injured and when he did come back, they used Sowell coming out of the backfield much more and our offense was working effectively. I thought they had a good connection with each other.

    Maybe they stopped using him more because of the way they saw L. Jordan was running with the ball.


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