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    As you can see from my lack of posts, I am more of a reader then a poster. This has been a great season of posts for JI. I have it on my favorites and come and go every day. I will probably only check in occasionally now until around draft time. Overall I love this board, it helps me to be a more positive Jets fan. I look at some of the over the top things people say and it pushes me away from the edge. Believe me, my stomach still turns when I think of not going further to make it a closer field goal or better yet get 6, but come on, we were only in that game because our D played great and Ben stunk. Under "Buddy" Hackett it was a miracle we got that far. For those of you that say Chad can't win the big one, then you must be REALLY depressed because with all that $$ we gave him our franchise is sunk for a bunch of years if that is true. I DON'T believe that to be the case. Get healthy next year and he can win with a new OC.

    For those that kill Herm, who do you want. I don't love Herm, his in game coaching leaves alot to be desired, but outside of Belichicken, who would you say we get. Bottom line, the last 4 years has been the best 4 years of Jets football I have been old enough(36) to enjoy. If he does not take the next steps forward in the next couple of years, then you will have a case to throw him out.

    Overall, IMO, it was a good season. Not great, not something to shout about, but a success. If we build on that next year we will continue to move in the right direction. I am burning my #94 jersey and going out to buy a #51. I say we let him walk and franchise Jordon. I understand the idea of not spending too many $$ on RB, but I still think it is the better way to go. Bradway needs to have another off season like last off season, our needs have been well documented here.

    Once again thank you for all your infomative, insightful, frustrating and humorous posts. Thank you to Sooth and the moderators that make this forum possible. I am now off to suffer with my Mets that did just enought this off season to pull me back in.

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    As for your Mets (and mine) I hope you are working on your Spanish...

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    Love Herm or Hate him...... sorry buddy he has to take a lot of the blame.
    Herms Time and Time out management are the worst in the league. I'm sorry but this JETS Fan is sick of it.
    I not sure if you saw it but I did ... during the Chargers game when the Jets went for 2 ... the Time Management Coach was calling for one he was on the sidelines holding up one finger to herm... but herm ignored him and went for 2 when everyone was saying go for one.

    I personally don't blame Doug Brian for the loss.... here's why, Brian was terrible the last few weeks. But inside forty he's been money all year.... Duh! Paul ,Herm get him closer... " YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME" ...MY ASS YOU DO! you played not to lose that game. That being said Brian has got to go.... bad Karma. I say dump the whole kicking team... Brian because of karma and Goin because he sucks.


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