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Thread: Herman Edwards coaches conservatively

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    He was involved and was the beneficiary of the most freakiest, improbable, never might happen again, plays ever witnessed in an NFL game.

    He recovered a botched snap from the NY GIANTS and ran it back for a TD to help his EAGLES to win the game (could someone explain the play in more detail for those who never saw or heard of the play, Thanks)

    So there is no doubt that Herman has this "What goes around comes around" phobia. That has to be the only reason why Herman didnt try to get closer for the GW Field Goal and instead played it "ULTRA-SAFE" and was happy just to try the 43 yarder to win in OT. Herman probably believes in Karma and will not risk losing a crucial game because of a freak fumble or bad snap, etc....
    He doesnt ever want to be on the other end of a "FREAK" turn over.
    I hope this is the case, otherwise..Herman you need Head Coaching classes, dog.

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    I agree, he always coaches scared with the game on the line late.


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