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Thread: Now that Bradway got the "heist" of the

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    be rendered to a sideline reporter next year. Yes I fully expect Dinger
    to run the game and time management. See YA Dick not so Straight!

    The onus of the this team falls directly on Chadwick "Penne" Pennington.

    Chad has no excuses next year, Dinger is a great OC and has not only
    put up great numbers with Mcnair, the O did not miss a beat with Billy
    Volek and a pile of injuries a mile long.

    If Chad cannot click with Dinger( i wanna party with you) then CP is a bust
    and should be sent directly to the glue factory. None of us want to hear
    about your shoulder or your wrist, or see that silly ass smile when you lose.

    I am officially off the "Can Herm" mode. The man is a very good motivator and
    Sunday's from now on will be a very easy day for him next year.

    The finger is put squarely on you Chad. No one else. We are all hoping you
    succeed, if you do not... Your days in NYC will be living hell and the priviledge
    for running you out of town will be all mine

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    I'm kinda excited to see what we do via the draft and free agency.


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