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    Since 1980. Based on the top 15 overall picks alone, what do you rate as the best and worst overall class ??

    Here's my worst: 1987-Besides Vinny Woodson and Cornelius Bennet, everybody else was a pretty bad bust. Woodson will be a HOF'er, but the rest really didn't come near the hype. 1991 was pretty atrocious too.

    Best: 1989-T Aikman, B Sanders, D Thomas, B Sanders are all going to the HOF and B Sanders/D Sanders are both considered to possibly be the best ever at their position. Pretty great if you ask me.

    Here's a link if you want to look through some older drafts:

    Draft History

    Tell me what your thoughts are of the best and worst.

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    1989 was pretty excellent. 1983 was also excellent(elway, Dickerson, Kelly)

    92 stunk as you close out with the 1-2 TE punch by the Giants and Jets. If we include 1980 I have to mention it if only for our wonderful number 2 pick. Its not a strong draft anyway but Jones was horrible. 86 really was also a bad year when you consider Jackson never played for that team since he ran away from the NFL because of the Bucs. I think I might give 1990 the nod with Jeff George and Blair Thomas as the number 1 and 2.

    The weirdest was the 99 draft with so many hit or miss guys in the top 15.


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