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Thread: khalif barnes - OT- washington u.

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    according to, the jets have expressed a great interest in this guy. maybe with our first round pick. any thoughts? I realize he showed well at the senior bowl and is moving up the charts but would draft him in round one? my thoughts that there is other LT/RT potential that could be had in later rounds. such as A late round draft pick that should be a solid RT with the potential of a LT. Could be had in the 3 thru 5th rounds. read bio on NFLDRAFTCOUNTDOWN.COM. Jeremy Parquet of So. Miss. I watched many of their games. this kid was highly recruited out of High School.. Hard worker and intelligent (working on 2nd degree)... Played on special teams... needs NFL strength training program... He was 6'4" and 300lbs. at 12 yrs old.. Has a long wingpan and huge hands.. Fellow SMU player Michael Boley, who went against him in practice calling him the toughest comp. he faced.

    any thoughts? Bellicheck and Jimmy Johnson use to say u draft your OL in rounds 4 to 7.

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    I dunno squat about barnes, but I watched a few tennessee games, and their left tackle Michael Munoz is a good player, prob move to RT in the pros, I would love to snatch him in the 3rd rd or so

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    Barnes practiced well at the Senior Bowl but laaid an egg in the game. I would pass on him.

    If we stay at pick # 26 (or trade down) I would look for Adam Terry or Wesley Britt in that order. Both guys are projected to play left tackle.

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    Bitoni seems to like Barnes, whats his opinion?

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    barnes will be a starting left tackle in the league for many years to come - he's not a perfect prospect, and when he gets beat he gets beat bad... still he's among the best of a very week OT crop and should go late in round 1, early in round 2- he could work out gangbusters and do better than that - like Levi Jones a couple years back. former DL is very strong, quick enough, good handplay and balance - a natural left tackle in a draft where that is a rare commodity...


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