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Thread: Dolphins switching to a 3-4 defense?

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    Looks like Mike Vrabel, Ted Johnson, Willie McGinest and Tedy Bruschi of the Patriots are terrorizing smaller NFL LB's, as teams are jumping on the Parcells/ Belichick train of thinking---Big LB's are better.

    Dolphins could join the Broncos, 49ers, Cowboys, Cleveland and Cincinnati as possible 3-4 teams.

    They recently moved special teams star LB Tony Bua to SS (too small to play LB in the new scheme) and will likely persue former Tennessee DE Kevin Carter, a DE/DT hybrid, to play a 3-4 DE.

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    Maybe they are looking to make a trade for Abe. 2 first rounders sounds pretty nice, they must be in the top 10 picks this year.

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    Dolphins suck

    I thought that would be appropriate for my 500th post.

    I am no officially an all league no life

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    This 3-4 craze is funny. Some teams have the right talent for the 3-4 and some don't.

    The Chargers did. They had Jamal Williams to man the nose and they had Donnie Edwards at MLB. That's a nice start. You build around that.

    The Fish have Tim Bowens and two good veteran linebackers in Zach Thomas and Junior Seau. Although Junior is at the end of the road.

    Jason Taylor is not a 3-4 defensive end. You don't want him taking on two blockers at once. He's going to have to play OLB and as an edge rusher in passing downs.

    Miami doesn't have great talent at OLB. They can change that with free agency and the draft.

    San Fran is going to a 3-4 and I think they have some of the talent suited for it. Juilian Peterson is the best pass rushing OLB in football. They are going to have to get Andre Carter to lose a few pounds to play OLB/DE. The question is who plays the NT in their scheme. That's a big issue.

    In The 3-4,. Your defensive ends are essentially 4-3 DT's. They are 300 pound players. 290 at the very least.

    Look at Houston. Gary Walker is a 4-3 defensive tackle who since signing with Houston has played DE. He's done a very good job when healthy.

    Sometimes, It works. Sometimes it doesn't. But you better have the right pieces if you are going to change to a 3-4.

    Look at Oakland. They signed Teddy Washington to play the nose but they made the mistake of signing Warren Sapp and having him play DE in the 3-4. That's trying to fit an extremely square peg into a round hole. Raiders didn't have the right talent suited for the 3-4.

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    Y'know YJF, I was looking at the Raiders roster the other day, trying to figure out how they're going to get Dirty Moss, Jerry Porter, and Charles Woodsen all under their cap, and sign LaMont Jordan (who do they think they are? The Redskins? Sheesh&#33 and I noticed Sapp was listed at right defensive end. I just found that hilarious for some reason. I still wanna know when Warren is going to make good on his promise to shatter the sacks record. Y'know, like he said he was going to :lol:

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    you know, maybe just maybe it might work, zach thomas and jnior seau are pretty big, and heck json taylor is extemely athletic and proly play OLB, there secondary is ok, and they just need a Nt,and a 3-4 DE

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    If you folks think you can't figure out what direction the Jets are headed in you should hear the Fin fans and sportscasters down here. Fan's are clueless and sportscasters can't get a word out of Saban. From what I hear on the sports talk stations writters and sportscasters can't wait for Saban's first misque. His Obit is being written as we speak.


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