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Thread: 4th/5th Rd Jerome Collins?

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    4th/5th Rd Jerome Collins?

    I must have missed any posts about this guy. Is there a consensus on the board?

    With Dinger I'd feel good about a developmental player like Collins. Of course this wouldn't solve our problem of a #2 TE but I am not that interested in the higher prospects. None of them seem any better than Baker to me.

    Waiting for a guy like Collins would allow the Jets to do what I hope they will do on day 1 and go Miller/Washington/Jackson - Castillo/Mosley- with another CB in the 3rd.

    All in all I feel confidant the Jets will make solid decisions either way. Except for OT the prospects seem to have lined up pretty well for the Jets picks. Good thing the Jets drafted two OTs last year.

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    there is now way we draft two corners let alone two in the first day

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    JMO if the JETS are taking a developmental TE he should be an NBA prospect with insane upside

    honestly this is shaping up to be a pretty bad TE year - unless you want Slappy St Louis!!

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    I think it's a safe bet they will go after a CB in round one, but I also cannot see them taking two on the first day.

    Taking a guy like Collins would work if:

    1) The Jets scouting department thinks he is a worthwhile pick and they truly don't believe that any of the day one prospects at TE are any better than Collins. That is a big question mark.

    2) The jets plan on picking up a veteran also. Herm Edwards does not like to start rookies. Collins definitely won't be ready to start day one. So they will need a veteran presence until Collins is groomed.

    If I were TB I would take a day one TE prospect like a Miller in round 2 and depending on how the rest of the draft shakes out MAYBE take Collins if he is still there in round 5.........

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    Jerome Collins could be a sleeper, and the reason why is he played behind three other NFL caliber tight-ends at Notre Dame, and was not a tight-end until his senior season.

    Notre Dame has two first round caliber tight ends on its roster in Anthony Fasano and John Carlsson, but also has soon-to-be junior Marcus Freeman on the roster who might have been the starter this past year if he did not have to battle injury problems. The fact Collins got his fair share of playing time around three *definite* NFL caliber players, makes you wonder if he can be developed into a good player in the NFL. He won't be a first day pick because he has shown the dropsies on hard-thrown balls, but he has the athleticism to get his hands on difficult balls -- the issue now is just concentrating and holding the ball when he gets hit by a player or the ground -- this might be because he is not used to being hit hard in vulnerable positions and if that is the case he might be able to become a real gem for whoever drafts him. This combined with the fact he is fortunate to be in a poor TE class is why more than likely you will see him drafted rather high.

    My note: Just because I say Fasano and Carlsson are NFL first round material does not mean they will be first round picks. Carlsson has the explosiveness of a split end while Fasano has incredible shiftiness. Carlsson might project to be a better pro prospect because of his explosiveness and speed -- Carlsson was a two-sport star in high school. Meanwhile, in high school Anthony Fasano out-produced Miami's Greg Olson playing league three compared to Olson's league one. The major reason most colleges did not recruit Fasano was they were not sure if he could repeat his production on the college level. This might be the same question NFL teams ask about him and could drop his stock from first round to late first day draft pick.


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