View Poll Results: Which team miss the playoffs?

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  • New England

    3 9.38%
  • New York

    5 15.63%
  • Pittsburgh

    4 12.50%
  • Indy

    0 0%
  • Denver

    16 50.00%
  • San Diego

    4 12.50%
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Thread: Which AFC playoff team from 04......

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    Which AFC playoff team from 04......

    Which AFC playoff team from 04 misses the playoffs in 05?

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    Kansas City and Oakland, both much improved and San Diego, no reasons shouln't still be good, will beatup the Denver Broncos some more and I think the wildcard will be from another divison, maybe the Ravens this year.

    Denver is the weakest team from last years playoffs and just signed the worst group of D-lineman you could imagine in free agency.

    My money is the Patriots, Jets, Steelers, Ravens, Chargers and Colts representing the AFC in the playoffs.

    1. Pitt
    2. SD
    3. Indy
    4. NYJ
    5. Baltimore
    6. NE

    NE will just squeak by to make the playoffs.

    Indy will beat the Pats when the pats have to play in the dome.
    Our Jets will lose to Baltimore who will run the table as a wildcard once again and make the superbowl.

    Their defense is nasty. WHen you're secondary is comprised of this calibur: Chris McCalister, Ed Reed and Samari Rolle, you know your nasty. Plus you have the best defensive player on that same squad. Ray Lewis is a great leader too, hopefully just like our Jon Vilma will be

    Now the rest of the team has guys like : Jon Ogden LT, Todd Heap TE, Derrick Mason WR, Jamal Lewis RB, Peter Boulware LB, Terrel Suggs LB.

    They just need consistent decency out of Boller and they'll be fine. This is the team that won the super bowl with trent "interception" dilfer.

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    Dolphins suck
    Denver is by far the weakest team in the selected poll, but at the same time, they did win 6 out of their 8 home games last year which shows they are somewhat strong at home. Even so I had to pick Denver, Plummer is just too terrible as a QB.

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    I picked Denver as well.

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    I have a sneaking suspicion that there are exactly 3 patsie trolls on right now...

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    Denver is the obvious choice but I took San Diego. I think San Diego and Pittsburgh over acheived last year. Both will not be near the teams they were last year. The Steelers will make the playoffs but I think Roethlisburger was in the right spot at the right time last year and might have trouble this next year.

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    I'm with Denver, but the Jets..well geez

    I sure hope they make the playoffs next year


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