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    he is definatley the most underated aquisition of the offseason.... im so happy we have a reliable qb that can win games if pennington goes down... i have always like fiedler and think this will turn out to be a great pickup.... this is our first legit backup in a long time.... we gave up a few seasons in the last 5 years when are starting qb went down... if pennington goes down i will have alot of confidence in fiedler

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    That's funny, because those of us down here in so fla who got to watch him play on a regular basis are still scratching our heads over this one. He's a guy the Jets have owned (there aren't many of them) and yet somehow they wanted him on their team. Why not give Bollinger or Ray a shot instead? Fiedler may have experience, but he's just not that good. Here's hoping he never has to play.

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    Fielder looked bad in a lot of games the last few years that I saw. He couldn't beat out Feeley. I think he's no better and possibly worse than Bollinger and Ray but I am a tad biased on the topic. Here's oping we don't find out how good or bad he is this year.

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    JF is a leader I think we got a great B/U QB and to those saying they're questioning the why and saying he couldn't beat out Feeley aren't taking into account a few factors
    the OL was a mess
    the coaching staff was a mess
    and Feidler got hurt BECAUSE of 1 and 2
    and Oh yea Feeley didn't beat him out it was a case of them knowing Feeley was probably the future and Feidler had worn out his welcome there(here actually)
    Jay Feidler can win a game for you with his legs and with the Jets O-line it's going to be a whole new ballgame-this was a great aquisition


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