....or so called experts looked at our draft in a pretty negative way? i have read a lot of opinion over the last couple of days and we've had some bashing up. i cant fathom out why this is - obviously we have recruited well pre draft, and although we may have lost some players we have certainly bought some quality into the team in key areas. The jolley move was a blinder despite the loss of our first round pick - we desperately need a decent TE anyway and I really feel strong that this could be great news. Plus with the new OC coming in and what may be considered in a few years time the best kicker in the league we have just recruited i am extremely optimistic indeed (and coles back!)
so why arent these people looking at the overall picture (our team is strong anyhow i think)

p.s. didn't get to see the draft as in England was on pay per view - sucks!