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Thread: OT: Anyone pickup Devils & Dust yet?

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    OT: Anyone pickup Devils & Dust yet?

    Not your typical Bruce CD. All The Way Home and Long Time Comin' are the only songs with a full band. The rest is mostly solo, somewhat similar to Tom Joad but with a Southwestern flair.

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    got it this morning at Target-they had to go in the back and open the boxes to find it for me TJ-Tom Joad was very southwestern-i loved that CD-it was like a book on tape for me.This dual disk format where you have the music on 1 side and the videos on the other-all i can say is;WHAT'LL THEY THINK A NEXT?All I'm thinking about is you where he sings in a falsetto is a tone we've never heard from BS before I'm sure I'll love it the more I listen to it.


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