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Thread: Survival Sunday

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    Survival Sunday

    Think teams fighting for a playoff berth on the last Sunday of an NFL season leads to exciting games? Check out the English Premier League in soccer. The Premier League has twenty teams who play home and home games against each other. The three teams with the worst records at the end of the season are demoted to a minor league where they lose all their TV revenues and face financial disaster forcing many demoted teams to sell their best players to the highest bidder. It's equivalent to the worst three teams in Major League Baseball being demoted to Triple A and the top three teams in Triple A being promoted to the Major Leagues.

    Today's final day of the Premier League was Survival Sunday. Four teams were within the range of having the worse record, three of those teams would be going down with a single survivor remaining in the Premier League next year. All four games started at the same time. Talk about scoreboard watching.

    The team with with worst record of the four was the only one to win and the other three teams were demoted.

    The survivor who pulled off 'The Great Escape' was a team called West Brom Albion. FSC carried the Norwich Fulham game with updates from the other three survival games. Exciting stuff.

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    Im a big EPL fan

    I love the EPL! so many talented teams... I have a couple teams there that i follow closely. Man U, Bolton and Chelsea to be exact. I wish the MLS would develope into something like that but i dont think we have much of a shot


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