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Thread: Fellow FF gurus...

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    Fellow FF gurus...

    Help a stinkin' Patsie fan out...

    visit the FF forum...and gimme advice on my RB ranking....Thanks peeps!


    Sorry for the OT post...nobody has viewed my post in the FF forum yet....

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    alright, ive won my leage 3 outa the last 4 years, im a major guru at these, and ill have draft stratiges later lik earoun djuly auguest but as of now

    1. LT
    2. Shaun Alexander ( if still with seahawks)
    3. duece
    4 willis mcgahe
    5 priest
    6. ahman
    7 curtis
    8 jamal lewis
    9 rudi johnson
    10 tiki barber
    11 portis (may be higher, but his productivity blew last yera)

    i probly left guys out, but willis is a guy you really want this year, or duce, they are gonna have huuuuuuuuuuuge years

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    Hyped--- that scoring system is unconventional to say the least. YPC and total carries are hard to predict. With that said, rushing TD's and 100 yard (or more) games carry the most weight-- so I'd use that as a starting point.

    Tomlinson at #1 is the way to go. Scores TD's like a madman (17 and 14 the past two seasons).

    Shaun Alexander right now is a risk. Scored the most TD's for a RB combining the past three seasons. But he's been franchised and hasn't signed the tender yet. There's a chance he could get traded, so if your draft is soon I'd bump him down out of the top-5. FF is about minimizing risk-- if you were to take in the 1st round, you'd be taking a big risk. The picture should be clearer as the TC approaches.

    Priest Holmes has to be a top-3 RB. Their offense is aging and Priest had had some injuries (caused him to miss a few games last year)...nevertheless he's to much of a stud to pass on. I've read that his personal goal is 30 TD's this coming season-- so if he even sniffs that number, you'll be in great shape.

    Edge--- I think you might have him ranked a little too high. Sure, he gets carries and yards, but Peyton vultures his TD's, especially in the red-zone when you want your #1 back to get the rock. Only 9 TD's last season. And not a great receiver. I'd put him at 7-10.

    JLewis--- I'm predicting a HUGE season from Jamal. (He'll be ranked 3rd when I draft). His legal troubles are over, he's healthy and he was ripped coming out of prison last week. Ravens have added Mark Clayton and Mason--- that means no more 8 men in the box for JLew. They also hired Jim Fassel as their new OC and he likes to run.

    Dillon--- never liked the guy much and that does carry some weight when I play FF. Plus with Weis gone it's hard to say how much he'll get the ball. And does complacency (getting the ring) enter the picture? Maybe, maybe not. He'd be 7-10 in my rankings.

    Portis--- I'm scratching my head over you having him at #7. It's not just his ablility I question, it's how bad that team is and will be. Don't forget that their only good WR, Coles, is gone. And that's what doomed him last year-- there was no passing threat. He went from a 5.5 YPC in Denver to 3.8 in Wash (only 5 TD's also). That's a telling stat. I'd put him at 12-14.

    Dominic Davis--- wait and see on this guy. Houston might trade for Travis Henry. Plus with Morency getting drafted, he might vulture some carries.

    Kevin Jones--- perfect ranking IMO. They also have Mike and Roy Williams now to keep the defense honest.

    Deuce-- no love for Deuce? Haslett has added some serious size to that O-Line. There going to average 320 lbs and also added Jamal Brown. I'd put him no lower than the 10 you have him at, maybe higher.

    Ahman Green not in your top-10? He's still only 28 and though his stats dropped last season, he's been money before that. Had 15 TD's and a 5.3 YPC in 2003. 11 is OK maybe higher.

    Rudi Johnson-- had him as my #2 last year. Starts off the season so slow is what I don't like, but overall had great numbers-- broke all of Dillon's rushing records in Cincy in his first year as a starter. Has to be top-10 IMO.

    CMart-- I don't usually take Jets players in FF. Too much chance that I'll over-rate them...but I wish I would've taken him last year 12-15 sounds about right.

    Barber-- I had him last year and he did well. But he should be in the 15-20 range. Has a little fumblitis.

    McGahee--- You've got him much lower that most that I've talked to. Some are saying he's a legit top-3 RB. I wouldn't go that far but he's the classic risk/reward pick. Could pay off big time, especially if Mularkey wants to run instead of relying on Losman.

    Jordan--- another risk/reward pick. I'm personally not touching him-- I play to minimize risks and he's got only 300 his career.

    Julius Jones--- he proved himself to me last year. Tuna still likes to run and with a better team this season, he won't be playing catch-up and throwing like he did last year (remember all the yards Vinny had?). Should be in the 12-15 range.

    Barlow= Bust. I'd drop him out of the top-20. Teams sucks and so does he.

    Tatum Bell-- here's someone I'll be watching on draft day. If he starts and dominates the carries, he's money. Droughns is gone so that's one less vulture. 15 sounds about right.

    Rookies (Cadillac, RBrown, Benson)-- I stay away from rookies for FF. Too risky.

    Now that you got me in fantasy football mode, I'm going to make my own rankings. I'll post them tomorrow or Monday.


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