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Thread: What do I expect this year?

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    What do I expect this year?

    Well since no team has ever won a Super Bowl with a new offensive coordinator at the helm I don't think this team will be the first to do that. However here is what I am expecting:

    -Time for Chad to regain his form- If he still has trouble throwing downfield then we are going to have to question his arm strenghth. I think as the season progresses his arm should get stronger.

    -Chemistry 101 - Coles and Pennington..will the magic still be there? I hope so...

    -Martin 1000 Yards ?- Our O/L has been cripled with losses to FA. Can Martin still be a dominant runner with a weaker O/L or will the line step up?

    -Abraham- Eventually he will have to sign and come in from the cold. If he sits out the season then his potential windfall might evaporate. If he comes back and can play like it's a contract year he maybe hell on wheels.

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    whoa RM put things in proper perspective will ya?Our O-line CRIPPLED?by losing McKenzie?
    As for the OC never winning first time out-that's another one of those stats that mean absolutely nothing-We have a smart QB at the helm who won't have to be throwing 50 yard missles-that's not Heimerdinger's way of doing things-once again,I say to any doubters go over to the Titans team site and watch some hilights and get your facts straight.With or without Abraham this team has upgraded and our toughest division rivals have NOT-plain and simple


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