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Thread: Ian " Bald" Eagle

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    Ian " Bald" Eagle

    Watching The Jets Game Last Night,i Like The Fact That Ian " Bald" Eagle Is Doing The Jets Preseason Games This Year, And Will Probably Do Some Regular Season Games As Well ... Being A Big Jets,mets,knicks Fan Sometimes Its Tough Listening To The Games Especially On Tv.. I.e. The Mets With The Immortal Fran Healy,or Legend In His Own Mind Analyst Greg Buttle.. Football Is Defently A Different Animal Wheather Listening To Ian Eagle, Jim Nantz , Or Legends Like Endberg,michaelS,madden They Make The Game A Great Watch And Listen .. Theres A Flow, Unlike When U Get A Glass Half Full , Hunky Dory, Nothing Is Ever Wrong, Guy Like Healy Or Even Broadcasters Like Joe Buck Trying To Do Football.. Analysts Like Walton Or Vitale, Who I Like ,but Don't Let Them Game Breathe, Its All About Them.. Thank God Football Is Back, And I Can Turn My Tv On This Time - Not My Radio!
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    Try that again in coherent English.


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