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Thread: Observations from last night's practice...

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    Observations from last night's practice...

    I was lucky to get to the afternoon practice yesterday (I got there late, about 4:30) and here's my two cents...

    - Chad's looking much better. I went to their practice two weeks ago and the difference in Chad's performance is like night and day. His passes are very accurate and are starting to show some zip. He still needs to work on his longer throws. One was overthrown, the other underthrown. He connected with Coles across the middle that was reminiscent of 2002.

    - Adrian Jones looks good. He held up real well against Ellis. It's still early, but Bradway looks like he was right about this kid.

    - Fiedler was really impressive. He got some reps with the starters and looked great.

    - Ben Graham can control a football with his foot better than many QB's can with their hands. He and Micah Knorr were booming punts after practice.

    I'm going to try to go back today if possible.

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    GJ sourcewox-I envy you guys that are up there and can go to practices.It's cool that you guys who go can give assessments like the difference between when you saw Chad before to now-it's encouraging


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