Chad - He didn't show a gun, but he doesn't need a gun. If the arm strength we saw from Pennington is what we will see all season, the Jets will be in excellent shape. You can make the argument his most impressive throw was his only incompletion.

Nugent - Some may disagree, but I like the hangtime of his kickoffs. It really gives the coverage units time to get down field.

Coles - Looked like the same exact player he was 3 years ago. He should only do better in a more aggressive offense.

Run D - VERY sharp. Which bodes very well for James Reed. Because if Reed can defend the run well enough, the Jets can get by with him if they have Abraham and Ellis at the ends.

Oliver Celestin - I think now we know why the coaches had him working with the starters all TC, this guy can HIT.

Darrien Johnson - Looked pretty solid. This guy could have the inside track on the 5th corner spot if he can play on special teams.


Trevor Johnson - If this guy was an undrafted FA, he'd be so gone by now.

Run O - The Vikings have a talented DL, but the Jets OL did seem to get pushed back from the LOS.

Pass D - This is an obvious one. To me, the most concerning aspect of the game thus far is Strait. He can run, but he really got eaten up a few times over the middle.