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Thread: Didn't see the game, how did B.J. Askew look?

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    Didn't see the game, how did B.J. Askew look?

    Just curious... Is he as good a blocker as Sowell?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jets33
    Just curious... Is he as good a blocker as Sowell?
    No but he's done a very good job this entire summer. He did a nice job friday night lead blocking for Martin.

    I am little bit dissapointed that he didn't touch the ball more in these games. Early in camp, The Jets were giving Askew more short yardage carries. He really didn't get much in the preseason games. Askew was a running FB in college. He was actually one of The Jets leading tacklers on special teams last year. Westhoff did a nice job with him considering that he never played specials in college.

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    the fb is definately the lost position on the offense... it will get populair again in a few years like the TE has

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    vs the giAnts, he was most visable on special teams coverage where he was involved in several stops. I like the guy, but he actually missed one block (on offense) very badly and it led to Curtis getting hit behind the line of scrimmage for a small loss.

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    He is clueless. He missed at least 3 or 4 blocking assignments on pass blocking, 1 led to a sack of the QB. Not good. And he is not physical enough to run block in the middle of an Oline. Decent off tackle due to his speed, but he is not half as good as Sowell.

    B U S T

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    oh yeah! on that play where chad threw that
    int. B j was wide open, you could see him
    walkin back teh deh huddle with both arms
    out stretch! like Chad! didnt you see me!
    other that that he was alright!


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