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    this team needs to play crisper... the plays were there.... we did not execute.....curtis looked slow... have to say it.. he looked very slow... blaylock hasnt been given one run... very lamontesque.....Chad needs to not fumble the ball i mean my god please just concentrate.... we have to stop the run better by either run blitzing or trying a different DT rotation..... the season is not lost it is 1 game but we need to change things and if theyre not changed we will suck

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    The biggest problem is that we have a quarterback with below average arm strength and a running back with below average speed. We do not and can not get any easy scores and it forces our offense to be perfect on drives. One holding call, drop pass or missed block and it's punt time.

    I've always felt this way. This is not an overreaction to this one game.

    Question, and I'm serious....Can anyone else think of a team that has less big play ability than us? You probably can count them on one hand.

    Having said all of that...if you are a betting week bet the house against the Dolphins! The Dolphins will be feeling too good about themselves and the Jets will be angry. We will roll next week!


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