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Thread: Chad ain't no Joe Willie

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    Chad ain't no Joe Willie

    Thirty plus years ago, the Jets opened the season against the Chiefs in Kansas City and Joe Willie led them to victory with a superlative display of passing. Bad knees and all, Namath could drop back faster than Pennington, who looked like his legs were stuck in cement. Statistically, Pennington has a higher passer rating than Namath, but I take Joe Willie any day of the year, because he knew how to lead his team into the end zone. Pennington needs more of a gunslinger mentality and have the moxie to get rid of the ball when the heat is on - Namath had it, but Pennington, I'm afraid is a video room addicted, robotic QB.

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    Do you honestly think that Joe Namath is better than Chad Pennington?


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