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Thread: Brain Hemorrhage's Brain Hemorrhage: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly versus the Chiefs

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    Brain Hemorrhage's Brain Hemorrhage: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly versus the Chiefs

    The Good

    THE BEST OF THE GOOD: All of the Bad and Ugly below is fixable... unless we play the Chiefs again.

    Chris Baker was the best individual player on the field today.

    Justin Miller is a really good kick returner and punt returner.

    Benjamin Graham was solid, all three of his punts were good.

    Bryan Thomas played well, recording five tackles and generally being responsible for his area of the field.

    Chad Pennington threw for 264 yards and had a 61.7% completion percentage. Despite the fact Chad had a big Off Day, his numbers looked pretty good.

    The Bad

    Our offensive line was abused. They looked like five queens. Either they packed it in today or they are just that bad. I think they packed it in, because on a lot of plays they seemed to just be standing straight up and letting the Chiefs blow them off the ball.

    Chad Pennington had zero time to throw the ball, and he was hit a ridiculous amount of times. Pennington had some poor throws on 2nd and long and 3rd and long, but the real problem was that it was consistently 2nd and long and 3rd and long.

    Curtis Martin only had 57 yards on 20 carries. How he even managed 57 yards is beyond me, there was rarely an open hole the whole day. Again, our offensive line was awful.

    Our defensive line was absolutely beyond abused. Bryan Thomas was the only one who was sticking up against the run at all. Shaun Ellis played OKay but he was less than stellar considering he is being paid 13$. He did not look like a Pro Bowler today. Our Defensive Tackles absolutely sucked. If the DTs did their job, our LBs might have been able to scrape to the corners instead of being beaten to the ground by 330 pound guards.

    David Barrett did not show up today and consequently he did not leave it all out on the field.

    The Ugly

    EIGHT fumbles and only one was lost. Unbelievable.

    80 yards in penalties including 3 Chiefs first downs.

    5.8 yards per rushing attempt by the Chiefs. 2.5 by the Jets. Advantage Chiefs. But... 7.1 yards per passing attempt by the Chiefs. 7.1 by the Jets, also. Advantage? Equal.

    The shotgun was just ugly. Extremely poor decision by the coaches to choose to use the shotgun in the loudest stadium in the league. Arrowhead is consistently above 80 decibels.

    Laveranues Coles dropping a sure-fire touchdown pass when wide open is inexplicable. Chad Pennington missing him on the next play when he was wide open again is how team's give away games.

    Chad letting the ball slip out of his hands towards the end of the game makes me wonder if he has a thumb injury or some sort of injury that would effect his throwing hand grip.
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    The Good:

    Our uniforms looked pretty .

    The Bad:

    We didn't play like a professional football team today. It was one of the most embarassing days to be a Jet fan.

    The Ugly:


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    You forgot to mention Barret. Abused on numerous occasions.


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