Heading into the Jets’ 34-17 loss to the Broncos on Nov. 30, the Jets had to look back to Week 16 of last season to find the last time they allowed running back to rush for over 100 yards. LenDale White of the Titans carried the ball 23 times for 103 yards in a 10-6 Tennessee win.

As the Jets collapsed in losing four of their final give games this season, they allowed Peyton Hillis (Broncos), Marshawn Lynch (Bills) and Maurice Morris to rush for over 100 yards. The Jets stout run defense ended the season by allowing an average of 94.9 yards rushing per game (7th in NFL). The dropoff began with the ineffectiveness of nose tackle Kris Jenkins, who performed at an MVP-calibur level earlier in the season.

While former head coach Eric Mangini was pressed earlier this season about the possibility of Jenkins wearing down physically, Mangini’s tight-lipped approach toward injuries left no explanation for Jenkins’ disappearance. However, today Jenkins revealed that he played with a herniated disk in his back in a Week Three loss to the Chargers. Jenkins left early in the first quarter during the 48-29 loss to San Diego.

Jenkins also admitted that his hips bothered him throughout the season, but that both injuries will require no surgical procedure.

“I need my hips. That’s my game,” Jenkins said. “Everything starts with your core. I’ve got to have my core in the best possible shape and conditioning.”

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