1. What Would/Should Jets Do If They Got First Overall Draft Pick?
  2. Jets Still Not Ready, Lose 31-13 to 49ers
  3. Game Preview: Jets (0-1) Vs. 49ers (0-1)
  4. Let’s Overreact to Week 1
  5. Jets Place Bell, Mims and Cashman on IR


August 25, 2020
Three Observations: Receiver Edition

The offense had themselves a very productive practice. The offensive line still struggled in spots, but Sam Darnold and the receivers were able to find some success. No Breshad Perriman again today (knee swelling), and still no Denzel Mims, allowed three others to shine. Nate Hairston broke up a couple of passes, Bless Austin and…

August 23, 2020
Three Observations: Fights!!

Well, we made it to the fighting portion of training camp. It’s that time of camp where players are sick of the players they line up against every practice. The difference this time is there’s no preseason games coming up to give them a break from each other. It all appeared to start with Neville…

August 22, 2020
Three Observations: Darnold’s First Pick on a Bless-ed Day

Once again, the defense won the day. But it was much closer than it was last practice and there were a number of promising moments from the offense. The offensive line still had their struggles, but they managed to hold up enough for the offense to find some success. It’s Saturday and I got NBA…

August 20, 2020
Normalcy Returns As Defense Dominates

The first couple of training camp practices felt very weird. Yesterday felt closer to a normal training camp practice and today even more so. Why? Because nothing makes a Jets training camp practice feel more normal than the defense dominating the day. Through over a decade of covering Jets training camp, the most common theme…

August 19, 2020
8/19: Three Observations

Full pads were on today and it felt like football. We got perfect weather for football practice, overcast and gloomy. Some drizzles of rain, the sun tucked away behind the clouds but the only thunder like sounds came from players in pads hitting other players in pads. You could sense the shift in energy from…

August 16, 2020
Day Two of Well, That Was Weird

I promise I won’t make this, focusing on the weird thing, a running theme throughout all of training camp. At least I hope I won’t. But when you end up getting invited to a private screening of an NFL practice, well yeah that’s going to be weird. Due to the rain the Jets had to…

August 14, 2020
Well, That Was Weird

Football is back and it feels weird. All of it feels weird. Face scans, temperature checks, reporters, all in masks, standing socially distanced on the sidelines. Weirdest of all? I had to put on a belt for the first time in six months. Everything felt weird except for the only thing that really matters, the…

July 27, 2020
The NFL should delay the season to save the season

So I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but the 2020 NFL season is in dire, dire jeopardy. With catastrophe looming on the horizon, I feel like the scientist at the beginning of every B-list disaster movie: I think I might know how to save the season that we all so desperately want to see, but…

July 26, 2020
Jets Trade Jamal Adams

Jamal Adams finally got what he wanted because the Seahawks gave Joe Douglas what he wanted. Adams successfully whined his way to a new team, but now Douglas can avoid having to pay the safety a big-money, long-term contract right as the salary cap is going to take a huge nose-dive. And he got two…

Stefon Diggs
May 16, 2020
Jets Opponent Offseason Recap: Buffalo Bills

Most improved position: Wide Receiver Buffalo’s free agent duo of John Brown and Cole Beasley was solid last season, producing 139 catches for 1,838 yards and 12 touchdowns, but the Bills lacked depth beyond those two. Their third-leading wide receiver in terms of yardage was Isaiah McKenzie with just 254. This lack of depth is…