1. Recapping the Jets 2021 draft class
  2. Jets UDFA Signings
  3. Jets conclude draft with Kentucky CB Brandin Echols and Arkansas DT Jonathan Marshall
  4. Jets select CB Jason Pinnock & DB Hamsah Nasirildeen on Day 3
  5. Jets select LB Jamien Sherwood and CB Michael Carter II in the 5th round


April 29, 2021
NFL Draft Preview: Linebackers

Well it’s Draft Day, Kevin Costner be praised. Last year the Jets had the luxury of having their needs line up perfectly with the various strengths of the draft (offensive tackle in the top ten, wide receiver in the second round). This year, they aren’t so lucky. The top edge rushers are projected to go…

April 27, 2021
NFL Draft Preview: OL

Everyone, myself included, expected the Jets to address the offensive line in free agency. They came away with Dan Feeney, a hell of a mullet but a depth piece at most. This means we can all expect Joe Douglas to attack the offensive line in the draft, right? Well, maybe. We’ll see how the board…

April 27, 2021
NFL Draft Preview: FullBacks!!

Yeah, you read that right. We’re talking fullbacks, baby!! It’s not the sexiest position, but it is a position the Jets will actually use again. This preview will be slightly different from the other position previews, largely because I haven’t watched, and won’t be watching, any tape on fullbacks. This preview isn’t about evaluating the…

April 22, 2021
NFL Draft Preview: RBs

Running backs don’t matter. For some reason people still struggle with this concept. It’s not just that people struggle to grasp the concept that running backs have been devalued for a reason. It’s also that people still take that phrase far too literally. Sometimes people use hyperbole with their roster-building strategy!! Of course who the…

April 18, 2021
NFL Draft Preview: Wide Receivers

So you may have heard, but there’s a draft coming up. A lot of the focus is going to be on surrounding alleged #2 pick Zach Wilson with the talent he needs to grow and develop unlike that last guy…Sean? Steve? I’m blanking on his name. In any case, when building around quarterbacks, the discussion…

April 12, 2021
QB Draft Takes And Why None of Our QB Takes Matter

I have takes on this year’s quarterback class. You have takes on this year’s quarterback class. Everyone has takes and we spend way too much time trading those takes because none of our takes mean anything. We can all share our reasons why we like this guy more than that guy, but let’s be honest,…

April 6, 2021
Let’s Talk Backup QB

Now that the Jets have officially traded Sam Darnold we know that the Jets will draft a quarterback with their second overall pick. Okay, we knew this beforehand but some weren’t ready to embrace this reality. We’re all here now, embracing reality whether you like it or not. The debate now turns to, which quarterback…

April 5, 2021
Jets Trade Sam Darnold to Panthers

The New York Jets have trade Sam Darnold to the Carolina Panthers for three draft picks. The Panthers gave up a sixth-round pick this year and a second and a fourth in 2022. There are no conditions on those picks, they will stay as a second and a fourth. And most importantly Jets fans and…

March 25, 2021
Jets Keep Stacking DL, Sign Vinny Curry

Jets Keep Stacking DL because after all, when you can’t upgrade your weaknesses, then upgrade your strengths. The Jets still have plenty of holes on this roster, but not enough available players to fill those holes. They have yet to add a cornerback in free agency, they made some attempts but weren’t able to find…

March 16, 2021
Jets Free Agency Grades: Day 1

I’m not sure if you heard, but the Jets welcomed three new additions to their roster on the first day of free agency. For the past two years, the team has stressed making smart moves instead of splashy ones…finding value where no one else was looking. Their conservative approach led to missing out on some…