1. Let’s Overreact to Week 1
  2. Jets Place Bell, Mims and Cashman on IR
  3. Jets Show They’re Not Ready In 27-17 Loss To Bills
  4. Season Preview: This Could Get Ugly
  5. Let’s Talk About This OL


September 29, 2008
Hold Your Happiness: Wins Over The Scrubs, Losses To The Elites, Nothing New Here

I’m just as happy as anyone else that we had a dominating win with an in-sync offense yesterday, but let’s look in the mirror and be real folks: 2-2 is exactly where we had this team pegged with Chad Pennington’s balloons, and 3-1 is what we wished for with Brett Favre’s darts. Cake-like wins over…

September 28, 2008
Jets-Cardinals 1st Half

What a half for Gang Green. Head coach Eric Mangini must be smiling as everything went the Jets way in the first half. Defensively, after being owned by San Diego, the Jets defense is playing the perfect game. Five turnovers, 2 INT’s and countless number of sacks have Arizona rattled going into the dressing room….

September 27, 2008
Blog Tomorrow

Throughout the afternoon (as I watch the Mets close Shea and hopefully clinch the wild card and the J-E-T-S), I will be sharing my insights on Gang Green and Sunday’s game against the Cardinals. So log on to for coverage all day.       Jones Running On Another Level, A Win Is A Win But, Day 1 Florham Park, Checking…

September 27, 2008
Jets-Cardinals Preview

While many people think that their is no such thing as a must win game in September, for the Jets this Sunday when the Cardinals visit the Meadowlands it is a must win! After a poor showing on Monday Night Football last week, the Jets and their secondary will be put to the test on…

September 24, 2008
Jets Need to Win Next Six in Row

Hey Jets Fans, I want to start this blog by apologizing for my absence. The reason why I have been gone from the Blog for the past week is because I was away celebrating my 23rd birthday at Atlantic City. But now I am back (with less money), so back on with the football talk….

September 17, 2008
Looking Like Woody Wanted Favre and Mangini Didn’t

The theory goes that Woody Johnson needed a big name to help sell PSL’s. He watched the Giants win a Super Bowl, courted Darren McFadden and didn’t get him, saw the economy take a downturn, and threw a large hat into the ring in the Brett Favre situation in the summer- the only team in…

September 15, 2008
The Right Way (Denver Broncos) and The Wrong Way (New York Jets)

Three years ago, Mike Shanahan and the rebuilding Broncos bet the farm by taking a franchise QB prospect in the first round and starting him right out of the gate. Lumps and all, decides that it’s best to get his young QB the reps, better to validate him quickly, best to let him gel with…

September 14, 2008
If Favre Was Chad, We’d Be Killing The Guy

I’ll start this of by repeating that I love the fact that we’ve got Brett Favre on the team from an entertainment perspective, but that it’s wrong for us long-term. We’ve got 8 quarters of live NFL football to judge our new quarterback, and it’s not pretty. What we now know: 1. Putting Brett Favre…

September 14, 2008
Money Baby

When the Jets acquired Favre, there was a lot of speculation about how many games Gang Green would win. Some analysts went as far as to predict the exact games the Jets would win and lose. Would they start 1-2? 0-3? There was little confidence in 3-0 after week three, and sure enough New York…

September 13, 2008
Gang Green Can Make a Statement in AFC

Last Sunday in Miami, the Jets found a means to escape redemption. As Dolphins QB Chad Pennington drove Miami down the field in the final minutes of the Jets’ 20-14 victory, he crept closer to handing his former mates a most embarassing defeat. But just as the Jets’ defense began to bend as Miami drove…