1. Jets Land Big Win With Robert Saleh Hire
  2. The best head coaching candidate that you’ve never heard of
  3. Wide Net Launched For Coaching Search
  4. It’s over…it’s finally over. Patriots put Jets out of their misery: 28-14
  5. Victory Monday #2


October 18, 2020
Flailing Flacco Flogged by Fins in Floridian Fiasco

The Jets were utterly humiliated in a blowout so predictable that I actually wrote this sentence during the first quarter. It seems as though the Jets, having abandoned hope of ever being competitive with their opponent, have instead began competing among themselves to see who sucks more. For their part, Gregg Williams and Adam Gase…

October 16, 2020
Game Preview: Jets (0-5) at Dolphins (2-3)

The Jets were originally scheduled to get blown out by the Chargers this weekend, but COVID-19 forced the NFL to do some schedule shuffling. Now the Jets will travel to Miami to get blowout by the Dolphins instead. You can change the date, time, place and opponent, but you can’t change the Jets. The Jets…

October 14, 2020
Le’Veon Bell Freed From Jets Dumpster Fire

A year-and-a-half ago, Le’Veon Bell was the big free agent acquisition for the Jets. But it was a doomed marriage before the contract was even signed. It was doomed by the fact that he was signing to a team with Adam Gase as the coach. Be happy for Bell. He deserved to be let free….

October 12, 2020
Another Game, Another Embarrassment

The Jets lost another game to fall to 0-5. That’s not just 0-5 straight up, that’s 0-5 against the spread. But wait, it gets worse. It’s not just 0-5 against the spread, it’s 0-5 with a point differential of -86. That’s 33 points worse than the Washington Football Team who have the 31st worst point…

October 11, 2020
First win of the season not in the Cards; Jets dealt a fifth straight loss

Hoo boy.  So if you’ve been paying attention, the Jets are bad. Very bad, some might say. And when you’re a bad team in the NFL, you need some lucky breaks to pull off wins. You might hope to catch a team traveling several times zones across the country. You might hope to capitalize on…

October 7, 2020
Darnold OUT With Shoulder Injury

A season already full of doom and gloom just got gloomier. Gloomier or more gloomy? Regardless, Sam Darnold will miss at least this week’s game against the Cardinals. Joe Flacco will get the start in Darnold’s absence and Mike White will likely serve as the backup. Adam Gase wouldn’t disclose what grade strain Darnold has…

October 2, 2020
Brett Ryps Hole In Flaming Trash Barge, Sinks Jets to 0-4

To paraphrase a quote from This Is Spinaltap: “It’s like, how much more bad can the Jets be? And the answer is…none. None more bad.” Thursday Night Football saw the Jets, a smoldering trash fire masquerading as a professional sports team, lose to the Denver Broncos 38-27. The Broncos were 0-3 coming into the game,…

October 1, 2020
Game Preview: Jets (0-3) vs. Broncos (0-3), Will Gase Get Fired?

As presently constructed it’s damn near impossible to imagine how either the Broncos or the Jets could beat any other team in this league. Both teams are littered with injuries. Maybe they could beat the Giants, maybe. But that’s about it. At least for the Bronco’s sake, they can say their current standing is mostly…

September 27, 2020
Colts stampede Jets, 36-7

The Jets lost to the Colts today. The Jets lost by a lot of points. The Jets have now lost three games in a row. The Jets are very bad.  Surreally bad. Watching them almost feels like watching some bizarre performance art. It feels unfathomable that an apparent effort to win football games has resulted…

September 21, 2020
What Would/Should Jets Do If They Got First Overall Draft Pick?

Let’s start this conversation by admitting it’s way too soon to be having this conversation. But I was asked some version of the question before the season started and got many more versions yesterday. There’s no reason to think these questions will go away anytime soon. The Jets will continue to look bad and depress…